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10:29 PROOFS: Another reason why Grippes thought O. Poche must be recent was the way he kept blushing. Deviations
10:40 PROOFS: At this time, President de Gaulle had been in power five years, two of which Grippes had spent in blithe writer-in-residenceship in California. Deviations
12:28 PROOFS: "Human waywardness is hardly new," said Grippes, feeling more and more secure now that he had tested Poche and found him provincial. Deviations
13:09 PROOFS: Perhaps ['Mr.' struck through with pencil, replaced with 'MO'] Grippes would try ['and' struck through with pencil, replaced with 'to'] remember. Deviations
13:42 PROOFS: His eyes seemed to Grippes as helpless and eager as those of a gun dog waiting for a command in the right language. Deviations
14:21 PROOFS: "Wife" had not entered Grippes' cast of characters, probably because like Poche he did not have have [sic] one. Deviations
14:47 PROOFS: What a mistake it had been, Grippes reflected, still feeling pain beneath the scar, to have repeated the male-teacher-female-student pattern. Deviations
16:02 PROOFS: The professor had not given Karen-Sue the cultural and political enlightenment one might expect from the graduate of a pre-eminent Paris school. Deviations
16:25 PROOFS: It was Grippes' first outstanding debacle and, for that reason, the only one of his works he ever re-read. Deviations
16:49 PROOFS: He recalled her with tolerance -- the same tolerance that had probably weakened the book. Deviations
17:03 PROOFS: He had thought he would get away with it, knowing all the while he could not. Deviations
18:23 PROOFS: After a few minutes of speculative anguish in the airless cubicle, Grippes saw that Poche had no inkling whatever about the flats. Deviations
19:13 PROOFS: Obviously, he had committed the worst sort of blunder, had been intimate, had let his own personality show. He had crossed over to his opponent's ground. Deviations
19:27 PROOFS: "Although, to tell the truth, I don't remember writing it." Deviations
20:31 PROOFS: He had invented a law, a mortmain on publication [...] Deviations
20:52 PROOFS: Not so long ago [...] Deviations
21:38 PROOFS: Grippes made a try of his own, jocular [...] Deviations
21:53 PROOFS: "This dossier is too complex [...]" Deviations
22:18 PROOFS: "How long, in all, were you out of the country?" Deviations
22:48 PROOFS: [...] Grippes' father [...] Deviations
22:59 PROOFS: One glimpsed them, all in gray, creeping along [...] Deviations
23:11 PROOFS: Grippes decided to transform Mme de Pelle into the manager of a brothel catering to the Foreign Legion, slovely in the habits and addicted to chloroform, but he found the idea unpromising. Deviations
23:32 PROOFS: [...] for fear of drawing attention to the apartments. Deviations
24:46 PROOFS: Spiritual shilly-shallying tends to run long [...] Deviations
24:56 PROOFS: Then came "Thomas" with his spartan mother on a Provencal fruit farm [...] Deviations
25:37 PROOFS: [...] and to take the metaphysical risk of revealing "Henri." Deviations
26:32 PROOFS: His diffident, steely questions tried to elicit from Grippes how many copies were likely to be sold [...] Deviations
26:44 PROOFS: Poche would turn back the cover ['to' struck out, replaced with 'and'] glance at the signature, probably to make certain [...] Deviations
27:08 PROOFS: He thought of old-fashioned milestones, half-hidden by weeds, along disused roads. Deviations
27:16 PROOFS: Perhaps he had to wait for the woman upstairs to retire so he could take over her title and office. Deviations
27:35 PROOFS: He tried to imagine Mme Poche. Deviations
27:51 PROOFS: At the same time, it seemed to Grippes that their wavering, ruffled reflection should deliver something he alone might recognize. Deviations
28:30 PROOFS: He was like a father, gazing round the breakfast table, suddenly realizing that none of the children are his. Deviations
30:08 PROOFS: Once, Grippes won some City of Paris award and was shown in France-Soir shaking hands with the mayor and simultaneously receiving a long, cheque-filled envelope. Deviations
31:16 Deviations
32:07 PROOFS: He still knew nothing ['about Poche' added in pen] except for the wedding ring. Deviations
35:12 PROOFS: Poche said to Grippes, "I asked you to come here, Maitre, because I find we have overlooked something concerning your income." Deviations
36:01 PROOFS: [...] the circle was so small that it had to come back. Deviations
39:06 PROOFS: [...] if there could possibly be a good dodge he, Grippes, had never heard of. Deviations
39:11 PROOFS: He thought of contemporary authors for whose success there could be no other explanation [...] Deviations
40:28 PROOFS: All Grippes had ever offered Poche were his own books, formally inscribed [...] Deviations
41:24 PROOFS: Prism lent him something to read -- his sunburn was keeping him awake. Deviations
41:43 PROOFS: Prism had got it wrong, of course, putting Thomas Mann to die in the charity ward of a Paris hospital, sending Stefan Zweig to be photographed with movie stars in California, and having the Austrian novelist Joseph Roth -- whose plain name Prism could not spell -- win the Nobel Prize [...] Deviations
42:10 PROOFS: Chided by Grippes, Prism had been defensive, cold, said that no letters had come in. "One, surely?" said Grippes. "Yes, I thought that must be you," Prism said. Deviations
43:08 PROOFS: "You would have to marry a Frenchwoman and have at least five male children," said Grippes, through the scarf. Deviations
47:12 PROOFS: "So you have read them," said Grippes, an eye on the locker. Deviations
47:52 PROOFS: He had no idea what that could be from, and he was certain he had not written it. Deviations
47:60 PROOFS: Grippes had become a commonplace taxpayer [...] Deviations
48:11 PROOFS: A fashion for having well-behaved Nazi officers shore up Western culture [...] Deviations
48:49 PROOFS: [...] cough pastilles [...] Deviations
48:54 PROOFS: Up the fetid staircase came a handsome colonel, a Kurt Jurgens type [...] Deviations
49:30 PROOFS: Poche was in a gangster-ridden Mediterranean city [...] Deviations
50:04 PROOFS: Meanwhile, Grippes was here [...] Deviations
52:35 PROOFS: The simplest final authority in Grippes' life had been O. Poche and a book of rules. Deviations
52:54 PROOFS: It had been in italics, at the foot of the page. Deviations
53:35 PROOFS: She put her hand over a page, as though Grippes were trying to read upside down. "It has all got to be paid back," she said. Deviations
55:58 PROOFS: She wore a hat ornamented with an ivory arrow, and a plain gray coat, tubular in shape, with a narrow fur collar. Deviations
59:04 PROOFS: He could not even guess at her name. Deviations
59:52 PROOFS: Now, that was untrue, and he had no reason to say it or anything like it. Deviations
1:00:26 PROOFS: He could perhaps write an anonymous letter, saying that the famous author Henri Grippes was guilty of evasion of a most repulsive kind. Deviations
9:17 If you can't hear, just say something, and I'll do the best I can. Asides
15:45 That's the pill. Asides
18:15 MG: This is not a joke, on French income tax form you're asked if you belong to a golf club. [MG laughter] It puts you in another bracket. Asides
31:16 MG: That is, with the advent of Pompidou, who'd been connected with the bank. Asides
34:06 That accompanies Giscard d'Estaing's reign. Asides
42:57 MG: Prism, excuse me, I'm pronouncing it in French. Asides
47:35 MG: And now he quotes something, presumably from one of the books. Asides
53:08 MG: I have an editorial query here, is he imagining this - yes. [MG laughter] These are proofs. Asides
55:53 MG: That is the conservative church. Asides
58:45 MG: That means something especially hideous. Asides

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